Second Pilgrimage of Understanding 28th April 10 am - 2.20 pm
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Administrator Post
Applications are invited from suitably-qualified persons for the post of Administrator within Woking People of Faith (Charity Number1124310) ...
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Woking People of Faith Condemns London Attacks
Terror Attack on London June 3rd 2017...
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Faiths Stand Together
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God is not in this!
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Second Pilgrimage of Understanding
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A Community Dialogue; Stories for all the family
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International Day of Peace 21st September 2017
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"ARE WE COMMON PEOPLE?" Horsell Common Preservation Society Work Party
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National Interfaith Week R o l e o f t h e I n s t i t u t i o n s – D i v e r s i t y a n d I n c l u s i o n
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We are Woking People of Faith (Charity number:1124310)


Who are we?

Woking People of Faith is an exciting initiative led by members of different faith organisations and individuals.

We are a charitable organisation overseen by a group of management trustees with representatives from different faiths. We believe that, by working together on practical community issues and lobbying government agencies to help those in greatest need, we can help create a more cohesive society for the benefit of all the people living in the Borough of Woking.


What do we do?

Woking People of Faith aims to promote religious and cultural harmony for the benefit of all the people residing in the Borough

How do we do it?

Educate, Engage and Develop by

  • holding regular high profile public meetings
  • bring people together with a variety of events
  • developing local, regional and national interfaith links
  • organising separate meetings and activities for women
  • organising activities especially for youth
  • organising interfaith trips/outings and social events
  • serving the local community through practical initiatives

Woking People of Faith hopes that its detailed action plan will help it achieve its aims of a more cohesive society by promoting harmony and developing friendships.



'A Conversation With'


One of WPOF’s central aims is to strengthen relationships between people of all religions and cultures in Woking - to build friendship and understanding between people of different cultures and faiths, for the good of the whole community.   WPOF has become skilled at creating ‘safe’ spaces for people to meet, learn and ask questions of one another.   The format of ‘A Conversation With’ provides such a space for learning and permission for questions (both ‘ordinary’ and more sensitive) to be asked.   It is also a space for listening to people from a range of faiths and cultures different from one’s own.    Feedback from these events is always very positive – providing ample evidence that people have, often for the first time, met and communicated with a person from a faith and/or cultural group very different from their own and learned a great deal.   Meeting, getting to know as individuals and sharing ideas with people from different backgrounds removes stereotypical perceptions. 

This will be adapted to the needs of the particular context. However, in general:

1.  WPOF facilitates the conversation with people of differing faiths and cultures.

2.  WPOF is ‘hosted’ by an organisation or group in their own premises (ie at a church, or a business, or a scout group or other organisation).

3.  The meeting begins with setting the parameters and a brief presentation about the work of WPOF in this area of facilitating conversations.

4.  Three or four people of different faiths are invited to introduce themselves and speak for 3 – 5 minutes on an agreed topic which will help others to understand more about their faith/culture.  Eg ‘three things that are important to me about my faith’.    This is deliberately a more personal, informal approach and speakers speak from their own perspective.  Speakers are not academic theologians – but real people living in Woking. 

5.  The chair invites the gathering to break into small groups to discuss what they have heard, and to identify questions which they would like to ask.    The chair then ‘gathers’ and fields these questions (there are always too many questions for the time available).

6.  At the end of question time the audience returns to their groups and identifies two things that have been most useful for them arising from the meeting.   Inviting this feedback is an important part of the whole exercise – it helps others to hear what people have learned/enjoyed/realised and, in turn, facilitates further learning.


  • Minimum recommended time for steps 3-6 is 1.5 hours.    


  • Food / refreshments of some kind help the ambience and discussion!

Set out the meeting area around tables – café-style.                         


For further details or to discuss hosting such an event, contact   



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